Details for AKB48’s 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

It will be held after the Grand AKB Festival at Nissan Stadium on 8 June 2013 at 5:30pm JST

◆Participating members◆
Click here for list of the participating members

◆Number of open spots◆
・32nd single senbatsu members:16名(1位~16位)
・Next girls:16名(33位~48位)
・Future girls:16名(49位~64位)

◆How to vote◆
①AKB48 Fanclub「二本柱の会」(1 vote)
②AKB48 Mobile registration (1 vote)
③AKB48 Official Smartphone application (1 vote)
④AKB48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND registration (1 vote)
⑥SKE48 Mobile registration (1 vote)
⑦SKE48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND registration (1 vote)
⑧NMB48 Mobile registration (1 vote)
⑨NMB48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND registration (1 vote)
⑩HKT48 Mobile registration (1 vote)
⑪HKT48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND registration (1 vote)
AKB48 31st single「Sayonara Crawl」Regular/Limited/Theater editions (1 vote per serial number)

◆Voting period◆
2013年5月21日(火)10:00 ~ 2013年6月7日(金)15:00


everyone, please vote for Yuko! (and your oshi)

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